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Author Topic: Netflix DVD Going Poof!!  (Read 167 times)

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Netflix DVD Going Poof!!
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:38:18 AM »


I just wanted to share a quick note. I read an article on the possibility of Netflix closing down their DVD service in the next few years. It is my opinion that it is more critical now than ever to work on saving our cinematic history. This is no longer just about a matter of copyright for me. Netflix is literally the only resource for movies and documentaries that no one else has. If we lose Netflix DVD, then I do think that a segment of our torrent community (classic community) may be impacted. I also think that (in terms of the classic torrent community) that the old technically savvy torrent users donít seem to be present anymore. This could be the result of the change and shift in the torrent culture, from the use of private trackers to public.

The quality of service from Netflix DVD has definitely plummeted (significantly). Theyíve already closed down many of their DVD centers. And judging from their unacceptable slow turnaround time on deliveries, I think itís safe to assume they also laid off workers. If we lose Netflix DVD, which I expect we will at some point, a lot of valuable history will be lost forever! It is up to us as ďhistoric archiversí (if you will), to keep what we will lose in the torrent community (copyrighted or not). And the only ones who can really appreciate what Iím talking about, are the old time veteran torrent users. I supposed the other important work is trying to encourage old folk to finally learn on their own what the fuck torrents are, and how to safely use them. The fact that there are people who still buy bootlegs, is a strong indication that the majority of people are still technologically far behind.